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The whip, the metal sword, liquid metal helmet, the sparkling tuxedo and dresses are actually pretty good defensively and can reflect spells ...

The Skill System has also been updated with the addition of nerfs of certain abilities such as: Jessica’s Twin Dragon Lash ability, Helm Splitter’s effect, Oomph’s effect, etc; and buffs such as: added ability points for the Hero and Angelo … Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen Walkthrough, Guide

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Dragon Quest VII – Post-Game Party Time – Pietriots Jan 24, 2017 ... I spent 2 hours around Grondal failing to recruit Metal King Slimes ... With some of the best gear in DQVII being at the casino, you can also benefit from gold. ... exchange, which is the ridiculous price for the Metal King Helm.

Ragnar also wears a metal armband on his right bicep, two metal bands on his thighs, and a single metal pauldron on his left shoulder.

The liquid metal helm (originally Helm of the Lone Metal Slime) is a recurring helmet in the Dragon Quest series. It is a high-level helmet that is typically one of the most protective pieces of headwear in the game and occasionally confers protection against status effects to the wearer. Liquid metal armour - Dragon Quest Wiki