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A: This mod conflicts with *insert mod* Q: I am not using any other mod that modifies these five files, I have no idea if there are conflicts. I guess they will, so let me know if you find any and I'll see what can I do. Credits and thanks The SkyUI team Change log v5 - fixed a bug in some displayed messages v4 - updated for SkyUI 5.0

Slots used by different mods : V - Skyrim - Game Skyrim Forum As probably you know, Vilja, from didn't equip unarmored clothing while wearing armor. This is to avoid weird outfitting when ... What items in Skyrim's Bandolier mod grant the most ... My current game of Skyrim has ... What items in Skyrim's Bandolier mod grant the most carrying capacity? ... It Says, There are 7 new slots for the equipment ... Skyrim More Tattoo Slots

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The problem is the way Skyrim handles equipment. .. female armor, has CBBE and other variants) make use of more than the standard equipment slots. .. EDIT: Mod authors can assign multiple slots to a piece skyrim more autosave slots of equipment.skyrim. 27 Aug 2017 .. Goal: To make the enchanting skill more interactive. Skyrim Equipment Slots Mod - The only real mods for this ... This mod adds several invisible equippable items, one for each equipment slot.Skyrim Skyrim bodyparts number - Nexus Wiki ELDER SCROLLS 6 - More Armor Slots (Better Armor System SkyUI - show armor slots - updated at Skyrim Nexus - mods and So what I'm looking for is a mod that sets it so you can have a hood, circlet or mask, two rings, an ...

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skyrim equipment slots skyrim equipment slots Mar 18, 2012 · Equipment slots? - posted in Skyrim Mod Talk: So i know theres a few equipment slots (armor,gloves,boots,helmet,amulet,ring) and iv heard of misc slots to so i was wondering how many slots are there can you have unlimited misc slots? can you make new slots? or is it a set amount If you do can make slots then what about making a mod ...

Oct 26, 2016 ... "Because it gives you the ability to double your armor slots" ... Use NMM or any other mod manager or copy the unpacked files into your Skyrim ... All Geared Up at Skyrim Nexus - mods and community